Cycling Holidays Poland

Are you interested in an adventure filled cycling holiday in the most fascinating regions of Poland? Coming on a cycling holiday in this remarkable country is a sure fire way to experience it like a local does. Our one-week cycling holidays include routes that are specifically designed for a wonderful guided cycling experience. Our holidays are a perfect balance between independent and group travel. You will receive the highest levels of personal attention from our enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour leaders and also be able to cycle solo. With the inclusion of locally provided accommodation and locally prepared meals you will experience the aspects of the country that others often miss on their cycling holiday: the warm and friendly hospitality of the Polish people.

Kraków, UNESCO Churches, and the Tatras Cycling Holiday

7 Days/6 Nights Guided Cycling Holiday: 942 GBP / 1335 USD

Cycling Holiday Dates: July 14 - July 20, 2019

Kraków, UNESCO Churches, and the Tatras Cycling Holiday

Wrocław, the Odra River, and the 3 Kingdoms Cycling Holiday

7 Days / 6 Days Guided Cycling Holiday: 765 GBP / 1085 USD

Cycling Holiday Dates: July 21 - July 27, 2019

Wrocław, the Odra River, and the 3 Kingdoms Cycling Holiday

Gdańsk, the Baltic Sea, and the Teutonic Knights Cycling Holiday

7 Days / 6 Nights Guided Cycling Holiday: 932 GBP / 1321 USD

Cycling Holiday Dates: July 07 - July 13, 2019

Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights Cycling Holiday

Experience Our Cycling Holidays

Have you ever visited somewhere on holiday and instantly fell in love with it? I have...and it's why I gave up the hustle, bustle, and stress of my everyday life in Australia and relocated to Lower Silesia's capital, Wroclaw in 2001. I think you will love Wroclaw, the wider region of Lower Silesia, and the Gdansk and Masurian Lakes too! Poland is a perfect place to indulge your cycling passion on holiday.

The Polish countryside is brimming with awe-inspiring natural attractions & amazing buildings. The beauty of the Sudeten Mountains, their rolling green and yellow foothills, the deep blue lakes, the Odra River, and the Klodzko Valley will fill your senses with sights, sounds, and colours which are unique. The numerous castles (ruined & renovated) to explore, the Cistercian monasteries for contemplation, the historical churches for peace, the rejuvenating health spas, plus the Gothic and Baroque treasures of Wroclaw are sure to satisfy your desire for adventure, relaxation, exploration, and wonderment. Embarking on fun filled cycling holiday is a great way to experience the essence of a country at a pace which is conducive to richer experiences. To immerse yourself further in a total cycling holiday experience choose a tour from the Road Cycling Holiday page or the Mountain Bike Holiday page.

Unwind, Destress, & Relax

Unwind, de-stress, and relax, while soaking up the unique cultural, architectural, and natural history of Poland. That is the essence of an unforgettable experience of a cycling holiday. Visit the Road Bike Holidays or Mountain Bike Holidays page now for more information.