Trip Review – Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights – 07/2013

Thanks for your kind words Elizabeth. We loved having yourself and Kathy on the Gdansk tour and hope you both rediscovered your Polish roots and heritage. You both took a million photos, always shared a smile, tackled the farm trails with your adventurous spirit, and had an interesting conversation with the ‘pumpkin’ lady! It was lovely to have you and we hope to see you again.

“When I told friends I was going cycling in Poland, everyone wondered how I would get my bicycle there and how I’d carry my baggage on my bike…..all misconceptions! With Cycling Poland, our hosts Neal and Polish native Agata provided all the equipment (a sturdy hybrid Trek with pannier bag for my day pack) and sag wagon service to make a carefree vacation ride through the lovely countryside. After getting our bikes early on the Sunday morning, we boarded the ferry to the Hel peninsula and began cycling along the bike path past beaches, dunes, and pine forests, through beach towns and up to one of my favorite accommodations – a real castle filled with history in a charming town. Each day of the trip we cycled along the most beautiful and well-chosen routes (loved those unpaved farm roads!), reached unique and always comfortable lodging, and enjoyed a special dining experience for our well-earned dinners. One of my favorite stops was our lunch in the Tzcew city square and bicycling out along the park and across the Vistula River.

Thank you to Neal for his good humor and care in making our trip enjoyable, and to his partner Agata who shared her knowledge of Poland’s history, culture, and nature over some inspiring dinner conversations. I traveled with another 50-something woman from the US, and we were totally comfortable with the cycling distances and just a bit of hill climbing (with some terrific downhills). I didn’t want the trip to end and definitely want to return for another Cycling Poland trip!”


Trip Review – Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights – 07/2011

Ivor, Helen, and Lachlan from Scotland had a wonderful time on their cycling trip this year. As usual Atlatonin turned on her charm for the Baltic Coast, Tonatiuh moved the sun across the sky, and there was a brief moment when Tlaloc poured down pleeenty of buckets!

“My wife, youngest son (aged 13) and I had a great holiday cycling in northern Poland in July of this year (2011). I would wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone wanting an active holiday, good food and accommodation and the opportunity to see a very attractive, but not that well known, part of Poland. Our party, consisting of 2 Americans, 2 Hungarians, an English couple and us 3 Scots met up with our tour leader Neal (Australian) and his Polish partner Agata in Gdansk and took a ferry out to the end of the Hel peninsula. The first 2 days we cycled along the Baltic coast of Poland. This was fairly flat with plenty of time to get used to the bikes and to stop and swim in the Baltic! We then headed inland into the hills of the Kashubian region for 3 days. This was quite energetic but the countryside was beautiful – lakes, forests etc. We swam in one lake and it was much warmer than the Baltic! Our final 2 days took us back to Gdansk via the magnificent castle of Malbork, where we saw a re-enactment of the famous siege of Malbork.

Neal and Agata were excellent tour leaders and a lot of thought had clearly been put in to the route we took (avoiding busy roads as much as possible) and overnight stops (all good including a country club with spa and a beautifully renovated Prussian mansion where Hitler had stayed during World War Two). Konrad drove the backup van which carried our luggage and provided a welcome respite if you need a rest. With cheap Ryanair flights to Gdansk this was a really good value for money holiday.

Finally, we were a bit worried about how our 13 year old would cope with the cycling etc. No problems. He had a great time and told us later it was the best of the 5 cycling holidays we had been on. Neal made one big mistake though. He told us at the start that it had never rained before on this tour. Well, we had 2 wettish mornings and one short, but dramatic thunder storm – it reminded us of home!”
Ivor, Helen & Lachlan

Trip Review – Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights – 07/2011

Sarah sent me a wonderful email about the trip we were on together. I’d forgotten about the cheeky kids ‘helping’ us to apples from the orchard, poor Bela wasn’t too good at catching them though 😉 Ah yes, and the old salt / restaurant owner who helped us warm up with “wsciekly pies” (Mad Dogs – vodka shots with a little raspberry juice at the bottom and tabasco saucee on top). Like Sarah, I loved how the group was easy going, adventurous, and open-minded.


I just want to thank you again for an amazing vacation on our bike tour around Gdansk and the Baltic.  I remember you asking our favorite part of the trip and I really had a hard time picking out the best part of that tour.  I absolutely loved our time biking Hel Peninsula, and taking a break for a swim in the Baltic.  And each hotel we stayed was so lovely and unique– what a dream it was to to spend each day biking through the Polish countryside, past beaches, and farms and horses and quaint little towns, and then arrive at a lovely hotel (or palace!!) to find our bags already there waiting for us! And I really haven’t eaten that well in years.  I never knew how delicious Polish food was!

You just had everything so well organized, and chose the best restaurants and cafes for our breaks, and it was just a pleasure to spend the week with you and Agata. You were both so accommodating, adjusting to all of our varying speeds.  I still laugh to myself thinking of those little kids in the orchards throwing apples at us! Ha! Otherwise, the Polish hospitality was just amazing, from the shopkeeper who brought us all popsicles, to the restaurant owner who gave us all welcome vodka shots, the people were so lovely. And did we not have the greatest bike tour group ever!?  I just had a total blast, Neal, and cannot thank you and Agata enough for the wonderful memories.  I will highly recommend your tour to everyone!! Pati and I travel frequently, and we both agreed that this was one of the best vacations we have ever had. Thank you so much!”

Trip Review – Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights – 07/2011

It’s always good to receive feedback about the cycling holidays I have the joy of sharing with others. The Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights holiday for 2011 combined perfect cycling, fantastic hotels, brilliant food, and even better company. English, Scottish, American, Hungarian, Polish, Australian, and Peruvian cultures came together to create a dynamic group full of laughs and interesting conversation. And once you add a bit of rain, a relaxing jacuzzi, an indestructible ‘leatherman’, and free icy poles from a local shopkeeper, you end up with a Flickr Gallery and grey matter full of memories! Anyway enough from me, let’s hear from Thomas and Bela, and Clive and Angela.

“I’m a 30-year old American professor and spent a week with Cycling Poland on the Teutonic Knights trip this past July (2011).  Like most people, I found the trip online, and thus I had no expectations before I departed for Gdansk.  I had never been to Poland before, and although I’m in fairly good shape, I’m not a regular cyclist and had never been on a cycle holiday.

To be honest, the trip was amazing and beyond my expectations.  Neal and the other staff members were extremely friendly and accommodating, the hotels were all top-notch, the bikes and gear were excellent, and the food was exquisite and plentiful.  I also found Cycling Poland to be great value for money, as similar quality trips elsewhere in Europe sell for double (or more) the price.  Not only do I highly recommend this trip, but I intend on doing another cycle holiday with Neal next year.  Poland is a beautiful country and there is no better way to see it than from the small country roads that are best accessed by bicycle.  I recommend this trip for cyclists of all skill levels and all ages, as our group ranged from ‘beginner’ to ‘expert’, and from 13 to 55 in age.”
Thomas and Bela

“First time for us, on a cycling touring holiday. So being in Poland was a real adventure for us, everything was made easy by having such great hosts Neal & Agata. It really made a difference to have Agata on board as not only could she translate for us but also gave us lots of local facts and history of Poland. The accommodation was superb with such great breakfasts it was a good job we where on a cycling holiday, the highlight was staying at the Palace in Godetowo and Neale and Agata found some great restaurants for us to try the local specialities. The holiday was a wonderful experience with too many memories to mention, the scenery and the people we met will stay with us, everyone was smiling even in the rain. Our arrival in Malbork and the tour of the castle on the last day was a great way to end our holiday.”
Angela & Clive

Thanks for the kind words guys. I’m wrapped that I could provide such memories and it was a pleasure spending time with you. It would be great to share a different corner of Poland in the future!


Neal & Agata



Trip Review – Wrocław, the Odra River, & the 3 Kingdoms – 09/10

I received a surprise email the other day from the group who came on the Sept 2010 trip. It’s always exciting to get some feedback about my trips and it keeps me on my toes! But it’s why I do these trips in Poland: to help people experience something they normally wouldn’t, to show that Poland is an amazingly complex country, and to enjoy some of the best cycling in Europe.

Before I copy what Nick had to say here’s a photo of us enjoying a beer at Lubiaz, the largest Cistercian abbey in the world. Yes, the world, and it’s located in a little known village near Wroclaw (SW Poland):

Having cycled a bit around France I was looking for something a little different and came across Cycling Poland. Mmm…. Poland? Not top of my list but it certainly looked an alternative to France and so I asked a few friends if they fancied this as well.

The tour dates didn’t really fit with our plans but after talking to Neal, the guy organising the tours, he couldn’t have been more helpful. He arranged a bespoke tour at a time of our convenience. Neal also suggested accommodation before the tour and at the end organised our return to the airport in time for the flight home. In fact Neal and his partner Agata turned out to be the perfect tour guides. From the moment we arrived they provided guidance and support with Agata providing even better English interpretation than the official tour guides at some of the castles and churches we visited along the way. Of course Agata also helped with interpreting the menus and with the all important beer orders in the evening despite one member of my party’s impressive attempt at learning the language in 6 days!

We were out to enjoy ourselves and the weather was certainly a bonus. We stopped off for an impromptu swim in the lakes (to the bemusement of the local guys fishing); we enjoyed a nightclub in Wroclaw, giant chess with the locals in a bar in a sleepy village as well as pool and vodka sessions with locals in a small town. We had time for reflection in a monastery, peace church and the disquiet of a Nazi concentration camp. We had so much hearty food we actually gained weight on a cycling holiday! We also got to see a country that wouldn’t normally be on my radar. Mostly (and conveniently) flat we found Poland to be relaxed with a nice atmosphere. The part of Poland we toured was rural with great views and not part of a recognised tourist trail. I loved the houses with curvey, dorma windows and every house had a (more often than not friendly) dog of indeterminable breed it seemed. Neal adapted the tour to fit with our fitness levels and cycling ability. We had a great time and have already started recommending this to others. Still, don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself, you’ll love it!
Happy holidays!”
Nick, Nick, Richard, Richard

Trip Review – Wrocław, the Odra River, & the 3 Kingdoms – 09/2008

“Our group have not stopped talking about our cycling trip to Poland since we got back home. Neal, Poland was just fantastic – more than I expected and just full of surprises. It just shows that when you have people who know and love the country, take the time and trouble to find out about us and what we wanted then you can have fun, lots of laughs and experience the real Poland. Who would have thought about staying at a monastery! Every day was an adventure with something different – sometimes sad, sometimes strange but never dull. Thanks again for an unforgettable time.”
Peter and Pauline

Trip Review – Wrocław, the Odra River, & the 3 Kingdoms – 05/2008

“We are still all talking about our cycling holiday with Neal last May, we all had such a great time. The scenery was lovely, the accommodation just fine and Neal and Agata could not have been more helpful, we would all highly recommend Cycling Poland for your holiday. The photos are still on my pc as my screen saver serving as a reminder of a fabulous holiday.”
Geoff and Louisa

Trip Review – Wrocław, the Odra River, & the 3 Kingdoms – 05/2008

“An amazing trip, the itinerary provided an insight into the very varied regions of Poland. Our guide was excellent, as she taught us so much about Polish culture, traditions, and the way in which their country is transforming. The accommodation was brilliant…a mix of hotels, family run bed and breakfasts, and even a palace, a castle, and a monestary!”
Graham and Suzie


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