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Looking for adventure and whatever comes your way? If you’ve ever dreamt of riding through unspoilt landscapes scattered with charming villages, medieval castles and spiritual sanctuaries, Poland could help you fulfil your dreams.

My first visit to with Poland was in 2001. I was on four-week cycling holiday and fell in love with the scenery, pace of life and old world charm. So much so that I moved here to Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia.

Eight years later, the Polish countryside, brimming with awe-inspiring natural attractions, remarkable buildings, and mostly traffic-free roads still astounds me. It’s not only the beauty of the Sudeten Mountains, their rolling green and yellow foothills, the deep blue lakes, the Odra River, and the Klodzko Valley that fill your senses with unique sights, sounds, and colours. It’s also the numerous castles (ruined and renovated) to explore, the Cistercian monasteries for contemplation, the historical churches of peace, the rejuvenating health spas, plus the Gothic and Baroque treasures of a country which is largely untouched by tourism.

Poland is sure to satisfy your desire for adventure, relaxation, exploration, and surprise. And I can’t think of a better way to experience Poland than by bike. An 83-year-old Polish cyclist once told me: ‘If you are going for a long ride with others, make sure there is an interesting destination or highlight or two along the way.’ I’ve provided just three of the unmissable ones below.

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