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I understand that when you go on holiday the place you stay is just as important as where you go. That’s why your hotels, pensions, B&Bs, palaces, and castles are always unique, boutique, and comfortable.

All of the hotels, B&Bs, pensions, and palaces that we stay at are chosen for the thought and creativity that the owners have put into them. The owners also always puts you first and ensure that everything’s exactly how you would like it. The rooms we stay in are special and individual with good bathrooms, large beds, and spacious areas for relaxing. These are rooms where you want to spend time, where you can’t help but have a good night’s sleep.

It had been a few years since a new hotel had opened in Malbork, so I welcomed the grand opening of a unique boutique hotel with open arms! It has modern, elegant rooms and is only ten minutes walk from the castle.

Staying in Krokowa’s castle is always a highlight of the “Gdansk, the Baltic, and Teutonic Knights” cycling holiday. And the Castle in Krokowa lives up to these high expectations as an architectural pearl with a rich history and unique atmosphere. We first stayed here a few years ago when our research into the area uncovered this well hidden gem. In comparison to our discovery, the first mention of the castle, church, and surrounding land dates back to 1285 and when one of the oldest Pomeranian noble family’s settled here!

The history of a guesthouse in Dobkow is alluring and intriguing and dates back to the XIX century. The current owners are the great grand children of Greta (hence the name) and Janek. After the Second World War, Greta’s family was deported to Germany and Janek hid his soon to be bride in the attic at his friends’ house in a neighboring village. Janek visited Warsaw himself in order to obtain permission to marry a German woman. Ewelina and Krzysztof are the current owners of the villa and have been running the guesthouse since 2005.

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