John Caletti Custom Road Frame

After many years of thinking, discussing, dreaming and a bit of bike fitting I’ve gone custom. Yes, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) has succeeded in its task and I’ve become a bike snob. Some would say I already was :p No more off-the-peg factory produced blandness for my next bike as bland will be replaced by factory produced bling. And a bit of handmade steel bling…a handbuilt masterpiece by John Caletti from Santa Cruz.

John has been kind enough to provide a couple of photos:

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I’m cannibalising some parts from my old Moots but have bought a few bits here and there. The paint is still to be finalised but a painting by Clyfford Styll has provided the inspiration.

It will be a shy, retiring type of bike once built. More pics to come!

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