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The power of social media was brought into sharp relief during the week. I was watching Stage 9 of the Tour de France on Thursday with David Harmon and Sean Kelly commentating.  David and Sean started chatting about the upcoming Tour de Pologne and promoting Eurosport’s coverage of it (I’ll be posting a video extract of their conversation shortly). As you may or may not know, the 66th Tour de Pologne runs through August 1 to 7 and has a history dating back to 1928 when it was first run. They’ve moved the dates from July to August in an effort to avoid the worst of the wet weather that as plagued it in recent years. It’s a great advertisement for Poland, boasts some big name teams, and is being covered by Eurosport – which will provide even more exposure.

It was great to hear other people extol the virtues of cycling in Poland as the word must be getting out. It’s an amazing country to lay down some tyre tracks and surprises await around every corner. The geographical, cultural, and architectural features are astounding and I get really excited when showing them off to people on my cycling trips. I was so wrapped to hear them talking so glowingly about Poland I tweeted them @spokesmen:

“@spokesmen Poland is an amazing country for cycling. Fell in love with Poland and opened a cycle tour business there!

A few minutes later, David mentioned my Tweet on air and there was a bit of a traffic spike. The mention on Eurosport LIVE was great, the increased exposure was great, and the ‘as good as’ real time interaction, communication, and feedback was even greater. The team at Eurosport monitor forums, email addresses, and Twitter making the Tour de France a much better experience for the viewers. A great example of how media organisations can embrace interactivity and make the product more engaging. Here is the video!:

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