Trip Review – Gdańsk, the Baltic, and the Teutonic Knights – 07/2011

Sarah sent me a wonderful email about the trip we were on together. I’d forgotten about the cheeky kids ‘helping’ us to apples from the orchard, poor Bela wasn’t too good at catching them though 😉 Ah yes, and the old salt / restaurant owner who helped us warm up with “wsciekly pies” (Mad Dogs – vodka shots with a little raspberry juice at the bottom and tabasco saucee on top). Like Sarah, I loved how the group was easy going, adventurous, and open-minded.


I just want to thank you again for an amazing vacation on our bike tour around Gdansk and the Baltic.  I remember you asking our favorite part of the trip and I really had a hard time picking out the best part of that tour.  I absolutely loved our time biking Hel Peninsula, and taking a break for a swim in the Baltic.  And each hotel we stayed was so lovely and unique– what a dream it was to to spend each day biking through the Polish countryside, past beaches, and farms and horses and quaint little towns, and then arrive at a lovely hotel (or palace!!) to find our bags already there waiting for us! And I really haven’t eaten that well in years.  I never knew how delicious Polish food was!

You just had everything so well organized, and chose the best restaurants and cafes for our breaks, and it was just a pleasure to spend the week with you and Agata. You were both so accommodating, adjusting to all of our varying speeds.  I still laugh to myself thinking of those little kids in the orchards throwing apples at us! Ha! Otherwise, the Polish hospitality was just amazing, from the shopkeeper who brought us all popsicles, to the restaurant owner who gave us all welcome vodka shots, the people were so lovely. And did we not have the greatest bike tour group ever!?  I just had a total blast, Neal, and cannot thank you and Agata enough for the wonderful memories.  I will highly recommend your tour to everyone!! Pati and I travel frequently, and we both agreed that this was one of the best vacations we have ever had. Thank you so much!”

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